Martina Barragan-Losey

A Soulful Heart-Centered Warrior
“A woman who walks in PURPOSE doesn’t have to chase PEOPLE or OPPORTUNITIES. Her light causes PEOPLE and OPPORTUNITIES to PURSUE her”

So, here I am, with an open heart, inviting you to be the Queen of your own realm, embrace your beautiful sovereign self, and cheer you on as you break down the barriers that are blocking your beautiful light.  What are you waiting for?

Peace & Blessings,

About Martina Barragan-Losey

Queen, Facilitator

My deepest desires come from deep within my soul. The very essence of who I am has led me to this very moment where I find myself adjusting a beautiful crown upon my head and sitting upon a throne draped in truth…my own truth where I celebrate the divine being I am.

It’s taken me years to find this truth even though it was inside me the whole time. That’s the funny thing about life isn’t it? We search continuously for the almighty answers out in the world, when in fact they are deep within our very souls. Now, how I got to this point, is my story and it’s filled with disappointments and triumphs, heartaches and celebrations, failures and great achievements, fear and fearlessness, and all that falls in between.

My story begins as a young child and remembering how I could feel and understand how others were feeling, whether it is emotionally or mentally. It was a heaviness I couldn’t explain and lived in constant worry. Not knowing it then, but understanding now, that I had a keen ability of what is known as an empath. So, not knowing how to handle all those feelings of others, I became a person who didn’t want to disappoint for fear of how it would make others feel. I did this despite the fact that it sometimes meant I was disappointing and letting myself down. As I have continued my journey of self-awareness, I am now in a place where I honor myself by simply listening to the feelings of others and can consciously stand in my own truth and simply offer the gift of listening. For many years I listened with the intent to respond instead of listening with the intent to just simply listen and hear what is being said in that moment. I believe that it had become my “job” to help others feel better, but what a difference it has made to not take on the feelings of those around me. Living my truth as an empath means I’m simply creating a space for others to come in and sit for a while, and in doing so, they begin to unravel their own stories where eventually their own truths come to the surface.

While I am just beginning this new leadership role, I intuitively know that I was meant for it. Being a facilitator in some realm is something I wrote down years ago. Many thought I should go back to school and work on leadership courses to become an administrator in the public schools, and as flattered as I was, I knew that wasn’t part of my story. I did eventually leave the world of teaching in the education system and even though I knew I wanted to be a teacher, I recognized that it could happen in a different setting. After 20 years, I put in for early retirement and started my own business as Childcare Extraordinaire and offer childcare in my home, which had been a dream of mine for years. The stars were in alignment, God knew my heart’s desires, and so here I am… my truth once again.

Our journey together will be heart opening and life changing. You will uncover your soul’s deepest desires, reflect on what success means to you, love and appreciate what makes you original, empower and be empowered by other women, learn to be a leader in your craft and speak up for what you need in your own life, and support this movement as you honor yourselves and each other. It’s all about S.O.U.L. (Successful Original Unified Leaders).

Peace and Blessings, Martina