LaTosha Csonka

LaTosha is our Heart Centered Leader Warrior

LaTosha shows us how to authentically lead our own life with no apologies.

About LaTosha Csonka

At a very young age LaTosha was doing what was authentically her, being her own leader and not following blindly. At the age of 4 she insisted elephant started with an L arguing this until she was 6!

She started college classes at 16, received her Master’s Degree at 23 years of age, learned to fly a helicopter at 24 years of age, and started a 14-year career with a major company in which she moved up the career ladder with grace and ease.

LaTosha is also a world traveler often going places solo. One of her passions is experiencing and learning about different places, cultures and people. Before traveling to a foreign country, she learns as much of the language and culture as she can. Although New Zealand was a favorite, her goal now is to raise her daughter in Scotland.

As an authentic leader LaTosha helps to show you how to utilize your gifts to reach your goals while living your own truth.