“Brenda is an absolute joy to work with! Throughout my time at AEF, Brenda helped me find ways to be powerful and more authentically myself. She listens with an open and compassionate heart. She advises with grace, wisdom, and some gentle nudges to look deeper within.”
Caroline Fletcher owner of Heritage Healing Herbs

“I am currently dealing with many stressful life situations, as are most people in today’s world with expectations set far above what most can attain. I am a recently divorced single mother, trying to maintain a healthy relationship with my son’s father;A once stay at home mother now trying to navigate the corporate world, wondering why we allow ourselves to stress over things that seem so trivial in the grand scheme of life; Making a choice to move to live in the same town with my ex husband, giving up my circle in order to co-parent every day. During my sessions with Brenda she guides me to define my priorities, manage the aspects of life I can’t control, and find solutions to those aspects that I have control over. These sessions keep me grounded yet empowered, allowing me to continue to move forward and upward in life. I am full of gratitude for Brenda and her gentle guidance.”


“Martina has a special combination of being strong and venerable at the same time. In the 20 plus years of knowing her, I have not met anyone that can come even close to having her amazing personality. Thank God for you, my friend. I am better for knowing your beautiful soul.”
Brenda Rodriguez

I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda as a colleague and a client. She has an innate ability to see and bring out the best in those around her. She has a depth of knowledge that I have counted on and I have often looked to her as a resource when I needed guidance. She not only sets a beautiful and strong example for others to follow but has a way of appreciating the strength and beauty in others that inspires one to see the best in oneself.

Jaime – Owner of The Body Clinic

“Martina is continually on a journey of mindfulness and maintains a spiritual balance as she moves forward towards the ‘age of wisdom’.  She is beautiful inside and out.”


“Brenda is a wonderful soul to connect with. She helps you to see what you cannot, but she does it in such a gentle way, that it feels natural and it’s easy to open up to her.  She met me where I was at and didn’t pressure me to believe in anything I wasn’t comfortable with.  She is such a positive light in this world that genuinely wants women to be the powerful, awesome beings we were created to be. When I start to doubt myself and old thought patterns creep in, I remember what she taught me and I call on those things to change my mindset.”