I Am Authentic Me uses experiential facilitation to uncover and eliminate negative self-talk and beliefs that are not serving women. Here’s why our framework is so brilliant, we use traditional concepts like archetypes paired with newer concepts to coach women on how to find their inner voice. Our facilitation is guided by our “HERstory Framework” a one of a kind solution to learning to be the leader in your life and environment developing and trusting your inner voice to consciously create “YourStory”.

Our programs serve as a guide for women seeking connection and support on their journey to self-fulfillment in a safe and supportive environment. We create our own stories while networking and supporting other members in our programs. 

So grab your notebook titled “Living Authentically” and lets explore together, how we are the leaders of our own life, that we consciously choose to create and live authentically.

We strive to live in authentic integrity, respect, empowerment, and connection: from our heart-centered bad ass selves, we are Heart- Centered Warriors!

Integrity, Respect, Empowerment and Connection