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The Skin You’re In


Offering body positive sexual health consultation for women.

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Offering body positive sexual health consultation for women. This is an exploration into the physical acceptance of the woman’s body AS IT IS with all of its mystery and beauty.  Women’s bodies undergo some of the most incredible transformations throughout the life span.  The objectification of women and the marketing of an “ideal” women’s body have instilled harmful beliefs about what is normal and beautiful into the minds of many (dare I say most?) women.  It skews perception of what is normal and creates self talk in many which is self critical.  This can limit her ability to feel the beauty she contains and her ability to open her body to sexual pleasure.  The purpose of these sessions is not to fix a woman to become a better sexual mate for her partner, but to guide her toward the self love and acceptance that allows her to love The Skin You’re In.
Delve into the barriers which obstruct a true connection with your body and sexuality.
  • normalize the body, both the physical shapes and variations as well as the genitalia
  • clarify understanding of the anatomy and physiology as a tool for personal growth
  • balance intimacy needs as related to those of your partner
  • identify historical triggers which may be limiting the fullness of your sexual self
  • build on sexual communication with self and partner
  • the impact of menopause on physical and emotional perception of self
In 4 1:1 phone or web based sessions lasting 50 minutes each Stephanie will help you identify the historic beliefs, or experiences which are impacting your body image and sexuality, create goals for improving the self talk which impacts body image and may limit comfort in your body, and develop communication tools to ease the times when communication gets difficult.  You will be given assignments and email support.


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