Seeking Yourself, with Martina Barragan-Losey

Course subjects:

  • Investigating Self Talk
  • Honoring your Body Image
  • Supportive vs Non-Supportive people in your life
  • Using and introducing archetypal energies
  • What is Sacred Space
  • Exploring how you view and  your relationship with money

Join Martina Today:

Martina seeks to facilitate women to trust their inner knowing through an honest view of balance and empowerment. To embrace and honor your own light in an authentic heartfelt way. Martina is a masterful teacher gently guiding you to see and explore your shadows and discovering just how bright your light is.  In the comfort of your own home let Martina help you to consciously write YourStory:

  • Group conference calls
  • Closed Facebook community
  • Monthly assignment
  • 4- 1:1 check in calls


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    The Court of Ascendancy is a very thought provoking and inspiring workshop. Women are given the opportunity to explore their relationship with money which is ultimately just a reflection of the relationship they have with them self and others. The connection between our love life and money is something all women should really stop and take a look at. Being a part of the Court gives a safe space for all ladies to discover the Queen who lives inside. The healing in this discovery penetrates so deeply it is quite shocking how we have been conditioned to deny our selves for so long. The beauty of this whole experience is the shifting of the patriarchal mindset into one of collaboration and uplifting of all women. We are all a gift and the more we embrace and love ourselves and see that we are all part of the greater whole the closer our world will be to creating heaven on earth. It is up to the Divine Feminine to wake up and bring balance and restore the matriarchal power. The planet needs this healing right now. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The Court of Ascendancy is a tool to usher in Divine Feminine to all those who bravely step in.

  2. Leia Mitchell

    Being a part of The Court of Ascendancy is such a beautiful addition to my life. It is great to be a part of a community of women that is supportive and invested in seeing each other grow. It is so much more than just a workshop. It is a place to showcase both your strengths and weaknesses. You receive both praise and coaching. The feedback is only ever constructive. It is a safe place to be vulnerable and open. As a person who has always considered herself to be closed and introverted, this is a great place to work on myself in the company of others.

  3. Karen M Beckles (verified owner)

    It has always been my desire to become the greatest version of myself and I believe that I have been on this journey for a very long time, most of which has been walked alone. I never believed that I needed help from anyone or the support of others to discover who I am. After I joined The Court of Ascendancy I realized that doing it alone all of these years has hindered my growth and expansion. Depending solely on my own perspective of thinking,circumstances and experiences did not give me the much needed comparison and contrast that I needed to grow.

    The Court of Ascendancy has allowed me to meet and bond with a community of women that I would not have normally met. As an out lesbian it is very difficult to feel safe and comfortable without fear of being judged. Court has provided a safe place for me to be my authentic self and not be self conscious about expressing my feelings and thoughts, I can simply be me… without a label used by others to describe me, for ‘their’ comfort. It feels good to be safe and welcomed by this community of women!

    This workshop is definitely unique! Through homework, community conference calls and getting to know each other I am learning more about myself, especially the need to listen to what others are saying which has resulted in the enhancement of my own intuitive abilities and the faith to trust them. My hope is that more women will join us so that they too may discover their divine feminine power and live the life they desire and deserve. My journey has been amazing and now that the Court of Ascendancy is included on this journey it is even more enjoyable and personally rewarding.

  4. Kenneisha J.

    This community of women is amazing! This experience so far has taught me so much about myself. The support and guidance i receive week-to-week never ceases the amaze me. This Court of Ascendancy has allowed me to express myself in ways i never thought possible and guided me each step of the way in a very warm and safe environment. I can only go up from here.

  5. Jenn (verified owner)

    The Court of Ascendancy is an experience that has enhanced every area of my life! Through Court I’m working on getting me back a bit. I’ve realized it’s time to wake up, dig deep, celebrate, strategize, and play a bit!! Now, I am focusing more on the importance of filling my own cup/ putting on my own mask first (something I have really neglected in recent years), listening to my intuition and consciously re-organizing my life and business so that my life is one that I actually want to live… not one where I simply go through the motions to get to the next level.​ I would highly recommend this group to any woman who knows she has more to offer the world but doesn’t know where to begin, to any woman who feels she has lost herself a bit in the craziness of life, and to any woman who wants to be the best possible version of herself that she can be!

  6. Vivienne Cameron

    When I try to put my experience of The Court of Ascendancy into words I have both a million words and absolutely no words all at the same time. I have done a lot of transformational workshops and I haven’t experienced anything so profound before. There are truly no words to really explain or describe it, but the experience is like nothing else.

    I am consciously creating the life I want and was going to say that I’m seeing myself become the woman I’ve always wanted to be, but it’s really more that I’m realizing who i am…realizing I AM the woman I’ve always wanted to be. With the court I’m surrounded with and constantly lifted up by powerful women. It gives me a sounding board and a platform for genuine feedback and constant growth.  The level of sisterhood and support I receive I truly never knew existed. I find myself reaching out and expressing myself in ways I’ve never felt comfortable with before, and breaking through barriers that once seemed impossible to get around.

    There’s a magic about the court that is unlike anything else, and I’m so grateful for this experience and so blessed to know these women!


  7. Martina Barragan-Losey

    There comes a time when you know you are right where you belong, doing exactly the “thing” your soul has been searching for. The Court of Ascendancy has been more fulfilling than I could have imagined. Not only did I truly connect with the truest parts of myself and strip myself of what no longer served me but I was able to face my fears, and feelings of inadequacy with a group of women who would encourage, support and offer their loving words as I sorted out my “stuff.” The Court of Ascendancy has shed new light on the endless possibilities of how I could use my own special gifts to inspire other women to do the same. I have relished in the fact that we are building a community of women who empower each other and offer infinite words of wisdom. I’ve learned to live my life consciously and purposefully which has truly given me the freedom to re-write my story where I shine and in doing so, I allow others to shine as well.

    It has been a beautiful experience and I’m so excited to participate in a workshop that allows me discover my true purpose in life.

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