The Priestess Within (NEW)


ARE YOU READY to trust yourself and Activate the Priestess Within?

In this 4 week 1:1 workshop you will:

Have 4, 30 minute 1:1 calls, weekly homework assignments and a daily check in with text messaging,

Remove blocks that sabotage your ability to trust your Divine self!

Shine light in the shadows of self, to discover Radical Self-Acceptance

Cultivate respectful self-talk

Feel safe with your feelings and self-empowerment

Embrace and love your body where it is right now


Contact me today and set up a free 15 minute consultation:

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will leave the workshop knowing how to trust your voice and embrace your inner power…the Priestess within!


Hi, I’m Brenda, I am the creator of my lifes journey, my HerStory. What an incredible journey it has been thus far. I’m here to share with you and to hear your story.( you can read more of my story on the Our Stories page)

As women we often here words of “being a Queen”, “honoring who we are”, “trust your intuition”, yet what does that mean? We read books, talk to friends, go to workshops and become excited, we think we have it and know what to do! Most of the time we begin searching again, hearing and reading the same messages.

We often have problems identifying intuition, I know I did!

How often are you afraid to make a big decision for yourself so you ask a friend….or several? How do you know that the choice you make is for YOU?  If you allow others to make the choice for you, what is it based on? Ultimately we want to make sure we follow our own truth even when asking others opinions.

  • Learn to hear and listen to your inner voice
  • Make and trust your decisions
  • Regain a sense of clarity in your life
  • Unravel patterns that are holding you back

Join me in discovering ways to make sure it is YourStory.

My intention in working with you is to help you discover your own voice, hear and know your intuition and remember all your answers are within. I’m with you as you explore and find the shadows of situations, experiences and beliefs that have frighted you into doubting your own inner voice. Together we uncover the whys behind what you believe, think and your behaviors associated with that so you can make conscious choices and actions in creating YourStory!