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The “Funky Truth” with Karen Beckles


The greatest form of being! Live your “Funky Truth”!

Join Karen on a journey to define what your authentic truth is all about.

4 weekly 1:1 calls for 45 minutes to help you find the tools and clarity you desire to create

The Funky Truth that is you!

 The “Funky Truth” with Karen Beckles!

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  1. Brenda Bradshaw

    Karen’s organic, intuitive, open and honest style is just what I needed to find my own Funky Truth! She brings you to a place where you can see how being in your own way is what has kept you from your own truth. Karen’s real life experiences help her to relate to clients, allowing them to hear themselves and to hold themselves accountable to articulated goals.
    The Funky Truth principle of coaching is you and I are already whole, resourceful, capable and creative you just have to realign with your truth.

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