Priestess Within-baking

We are an ancient lineage of powerful women rulers who embodied their Divinity through the fullest activation and expression of their unique talents and abilities coupled with the just exercise of power for the good of all.  As Divine Creators we seek to create strong female leaders who will shift the paradigm of scarcity and competition, to the matriarchal consciousness of collaboration and abundance.  In doing so, it is our mission to return the Divine Feminine back to her rightful throne as we reclaim our inner sovereignty and empowerment. 

  “We walk in truth and light, and as we do so we shall change the world.”

The Priestess Within workshops are all designed to allow participants to reclaim their Inner Sovereignty through leadership skills and personal empowerment.


Priestess Within Journeys

Long ago there were keepers of the Sacred truths- Oracles, Sages, Priestesses and Prophet Queens. These individuals were ones who protected the higher learning and imparted these truths. During this journey you are guided to activate, the Priestess and Shield maiden within. We come together as womyn for personal empowerment to attain higher states of consciousness, for it is through higher states of consciousness or focused imaginative intent that we manifest our true selves.

Priestess Within Workshops

Encourages women to get in touch with their intuition and learn to trust that inner knowing. Using myths and archetypes to awaken and sharpen our intuition to facilitate growth. The history of priestesses is full of stories about women defying artificial limits and hierarchies. Again and again, they made a way across multiple obstacles, somehow, to lead, teach, counsel and inspire, often outside of official structures of authority, and usually in spite of them. The definition of Priestess has many culturally defined meanings. Most definitions use the words, raising the vibration, authority, power. Often Priestess led liberation movements and were important teachers of Spiritual truths and formidable social forces. In this workshop we see the Priestess as reclaiming and reinvigorating the Divine Feminine laying new foundations. Patriarchal consciousness places great value upon science, technology, and logic and linear time.  When the Matriarchal mindset was more common, these aspects of consciousness were to reside in balance with the Feminine traits of Intuition, Emotion, Magic and Eternity.  Reinstating this balance means a Priestess’ training includes re-learning to trust and value her intuition. During this workshop we also explore and break down walls surrounding money that may be holding you back from having the life you want. We will explore ideas of how through sacred empowered women we can help improve the world with our bank accounts, without sacrificing the pleasures we desire in our lives. What financial legacy would a Priestess who is open to love and intuition like to leave this dimension with?

Court of Ascendancy

This program is designed to help activate the ancient teachings and commune with the Goddess within once again. We come together to learn to BE. You must be willing and dedicated to your journey within. We seek to change the paradigm from one of competition to one of collaboration. The Court seeks to show women how to be effective leaders by understanding their own self talk and discovering their true self.  As each woman moves through the assignments, her own journey of Self Actualization will show her how to effectively maximize the potential of embracing her Sovereignty. Women are empowered to shine and support others to shine as bright.  One action many benefits, is the path we have consciously chosen to walk.