Our Stories

Brenda Bradshaw, Priestess, Queen, Facilitator

My journey of “hearing” my intuition and sensing things started at a very early age, which led to fear, doubt, and ignoring what I knew was my path. My path was a path filled with a quest for knowing and searching for teachers and mentors to find the answers. An experiment in Transformation!

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LaTosha Csonka

LaTosha shows us how to authentically lead our own life with no apologies.

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Stephanie Frisch

Fear was the most prominent emotion I recall from my childhood. At first the threats were outside of the home. My single mother and sister were my safe space. Poverty and violence in the community around us were scary things. Later, the threat became much closer as my mother married a man who sexually assaulted me. My family did not want to confront the reality of that situation and I became sacrificed for the economic security we had and stability my mother felt she had with this man.

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