The words we use matter

Words are powerful and have a vibration or frequency. The story you tell yourself creates a frequency within you. You can see the glass as half empty, or half full but the vibration of “empty” and the vibration of “full” are different. They feel different. What we strive to do in our Sacred Sessions is to consciously master our frequency. One way we do this is by waking up to the words we use internally and how we craft these words to create our story which then creates our reality.

Notice when your frequency or mood drops. What are you telling yourself? What words are you using? When you start playing with the wording see what shifts in your inner and outer realities. When you find yourself worried about something like money start playing with the idea that as a child of the Universe you are allowed to have what you want and that you have everything you need in the moment. See what shifts or what shows up when you start playing on this playground.

Be Authentic

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