Priestess Within- Who I Am

Who I am
I am proud to be a feminine woman
I am strong in opinion
I am fierce in my fire
I do wield a sword
I can be quick to act
My temper can burn
I make no apologies for these traits‚Äč, with these traits comes:
I am a passionate lover and fierce and loyal friend
I am a shield for those in my tribe
I am kindhearted and give my whole heart to those in my tribe
I am trustworthy, My true spirit is one of trust.
I am intuitive, I am impatient, My temper can be quick and my laughter and love just as quick
I participate in life fully, sometimes combative, yet I aspire to peace and harmony.
I will not be lesser than who I am
I will no longer make excuses for being who I am, I will not justify to others that by being a strong woman, means you want to hear me make statements like- “but I like men”, “I see both sides”, “We are all in this together”.

I am a woman. I am me.
I am a beacon on the hill who carries my sword of truth, I make no apologies for I am, a Fierce Warrior Queen of my truth, my love, who aspires to peace and harmony.

I walk in my truth and light.
BB, The Priestess Within

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