There is a call for you!

You have a goal and/or a desire and you have asked for the help of the Universe (Law of Attraction). You tell yourself you are working really hard to make this happen, you talk about it with friends, you ask them for help with your goal/desire, you say affirmations about this, you do research, and you have two side hustles on top of your full-time job just to help you reach this goal.
Then it comes……. a moment in what seems like an ordinary day. A call comes in but you don’t “feel” like talking so you let it go to voicemail. You eventually listen to the message, it is someone talking about your stated dream; they have news and would like to talk asap. You respond with, I’m really busy and need to take some time for myself, lets talk later.

Let me get this straight. There is a call about your dream and you don’t have time!! What does that say to the Law of Attraction? What does that say about the dream you have talked about?
Have you lost your WHY? Is your dream something you no longer believe in? Are you discouraged or afraid? All of those are valid. Sometimes we begin a journey and we are so excited, we feel this is what/where I want to do/be. Then along the way we discover it was just part of the journey to get us to somewhere else.
Yet, sometimes it is because we are afraid of the success of our goal, our worthiness to have our dreams.
If you didn’t accept the call and it is not something you can’t wait to hear about, take some time to dig deep. Really look at and feel this goal/dream. Does it still excite you? Are you fearful? Find a space where you won’t be distracted, have paper and pen, lighter/matches and a glass bowl of water. Light 3 candles, diffuse an oil, close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths. Open your eyes and state out loud 3 times:
“I call on my highest guides to help me see clearly what my heart and soul desire. I call on the Divine Spirit to help me clear all that is keeping me stuck, and away from the true calling of my heart. I know that it is done.”
Now take the pen and paper and write this title
I am afraid of my dream because
List 7 reasons, whatever pops into your thoughts but don’t over think.
When you are done close your eyes and take 7 deep breaths, now rip the paper into three pieces. Light each piece over the water saying out loud, “I release these fears”
Clear your mind, close your eyes, take 7 deep breathes

Now take pen and paper, set a timer for 3 minutes, and title your paper
I deserve
Keep writing until the timer goes off.
Tear into 3 pieces, light each piece on fire while stating-
“I am ready to let go of the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that I carry that may be contributing to holding me from having the life I deserve. I am ready to change, I am ready to let go of any old stories that are holding me back so I can create a new one. I am ready to look at things from a new point of view. I am ready and I know that I am taking action.”

As you blow out each candle say Thank you. The next day after this exercise, write your plan and goal, knowing this is already taken care of and all you need to do is take action. You are ready to accept the call.

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