Inspiration without Action Is Bullshit!

This may be one of my new favorite quotes! You know we have all done it, we read these motivational posts on Instagram and Facebook, read books, watch Inspiring videos, yet do we do anything with that Inspiration?
That is the KEY! How can you unlock your freaking greatness if you don’t use the freaking key?!?

Remembering that not all business owners, authors, people with titles or initials after their name are professional or ethical. You know the ones, they do not practice what they preach. And yes, people in the “healing arts” “motivational speakers” “Masters”, etc can be unethical and frauds. Then what do you do when you find out that one of the people giving all these wonderful messages, that gets paid to analyze and give suggestions etc, is really not a kind or good person? These people are on their own path, it is up to you, to each individual to decide if someone is “real” by observing ACTIONS.

Not that catching on to someone’s hype is easy, especially when you want to see the greatness. Yet if we tune into our bodies there will be warning signs. Don’t be fooled with comments that you are just afraid of growing or whatever, listen to your body, your intuition. You’ll know if you are just making excuses or there is something just a tad off.

But hey sometimes we don’t catch stuff in the beginning, shit it could be years before we catch on! But then when we do we have valid emotions that come up. Emotions are natural, fun, cleansing and all part of this incredible journey called life. Even the emotions that allow us to feel hurt, sad, angry, guilt, pain, regret, they all have an important part in life. Do your best to not beat yourself up.

It feels good to say out loud, “What a *@!!! “, “Liar, Liar” yell and whatever else may come out at that moment when you feel angry or disappointed at someone or situation. Release is a beautiful thing when we allow the space to release. Even when you remember you made the choice. Be kind to you.

There will come another choice. Does holding on to those emotions serve you? How long do you hold on to that hurt? The betrayal? Can you demand your money back? Your time? What does it serve? Most importantly does it serve you in a positive way? What is your desired outcome? It is not by wanting someone else to feel the pain, see how wrong they are, because they may not see things the way you do nor can they feel your pain. When these situations come up remembering we are each on our own journey and we have choices on how we go forward can be helpful. The situation was our choice, our lesson. Our choices are for ourselves.

Standing in our own Sovereignty can be hard and confusing at times. We must stand up for what we believe in, set our self-boundaries, not allow someone to take us off our desired path. Take this type of situation learn from it but don’t let it consume you or take you off your divine journey. There is not a manual that gives step by step instructions on how to do this in every or any situation. Learning to trust yourself and to give yourself a freaking break when it didn’t have the desired outcome you wanted can take a lot of work! Only you can decide if you are worth the work.

Live your life, feel, enjoy, fall down, get back up, fly, land, love, laugh, dance, cry, yell, sing, take chances, fail, take chances, succeed, be mad, be happy, be loud, be quiet, take full advantage of this gift of LIFE!

Take Inspirational Action in your life and be your BadAss Divine self!

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