Priestess Within- Baking

Lets make a casserole!

okay here goes

first I start with the recipe (vision board).

Now to build my confidence, and get on the right frequency-

I make the most wonderful casseroles, my casserole is so tasty, my casserole is baked to perfection, this casserole comes easily and effortlessly, I love eating this casserole!

I’ve been waiting several hours……….

hmm, where is my tasty Casserole? I had the vision, I read the how to, I watched videos on how to make this casserole, I read books and  I believed in this tasty casserole. Why didn’t it appear?

Because I didn’t USE the TOOLS! I didn’t take action. Making a casserole requires some work, using tools, it takes time to bake. I could sit in the kitchen forever with the recipe, repeating my mantra, stating positive affirmations, but if I never got up and put the time into making the casserole, with the tools needed, waiting the appropriate time for it to cook, know the “right” time to take it out (otherwise it will burn or be undercooked) and serve it, well, then I wouldn’t have the casserole.

Sure, we all know this about cooking, dressing, changing a light bulb. This analogy can be used with all parts of our lives. Money comes easily and effortlessly, my business is flourishing, I have amazing health. More is required than vision boards, mantras and reading, they all require action. Not just the action of learning, using excel sheets, watching videos, those are tools. You must actually DO. The other ingredient required – others! People and community. We all need to engage, reach out, speak to others, “interact” with others, have conversations with others, as that is the most important part of this life.


Recently I saw a video of a speaker talking on stage to a room full of people. His message was about allowing others to talk, that each of us should just listen, keep opinions to yourself, allow others to talk, just listen and only speaking to ask a question about what the other is talking about.

HMMMM, do you see the problem with his opinion? Is he listening to all the people in the room? If everyone in that room, including the man on stage just listened, what would they hear? Not each other! We must communicate with each other. Can we all utilize better listening skills? Of course! However, in order to use those skills someone needs to be speaking! We should strive to create community, which means creating through action.

You are Divinity in Motion. Be part of the human experience, create your experience with conscious action, conscious words, and conscious listening. Do actions on purpose with a purpose.

Blessings from the Priestess Within

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