Butterfly SoulPleading Soul

You yearn to sleep, but it’s not the kind of sleep one takes to escape from the world.

Soul pleads, ‘sleep, sleep, sleep and find your way back to me.”

It’s the kind of sleep that a caterpillar knows it’s time for so a miraculous shift can take place.

Soul softly chants, “fall, fall, fall, into the depths of yourself where I will wrap you up like the caterpillar wraps itself in its cocoon.”

It’s the kind of sleep where your Ego dissolves until all that is left are all the parts of you that existed when your life began.

Soul wisely advises, “trust, trust, trust, in me to show you how beautiful you have always been, before the world and Ego told you otherwise.”

It’s the kind of sleep where you purge the parts of yourself that have been poisoned.  Now, creating space for a new source of energy that bubbles up from your core.

Soul whispers, “feel, feel, feel the warmth of the embers of the fire you thought were out and just breathe.”

Then, just as a butterfly awakens, you break free from the safety of your sleep and slowly adjust to the world around you that appears the same but feels very different somehow. You are transformed in some way, yet you’re still carrying parts of yourself that holds the blueprints for your very existence.

An awakening where faith is restored, love is ignited, and life is renewed. Like the butterfly, You are thirsty for the sweet taste of new beginnings. Yet at the same time, you are eternally grateful for the stages of life that brought you to this point.

Soul declares, “fly, fly, fly, my beloved and Be You so that you may shine for all to see.”

An awakening, where you allow your soul to emerge, so that you are able to fly and enjoy the beautiful blossoms, that will fill your life with joy and love.

Martina Barragan-Losey

March 2017

Tina Marie Photography specializes in portraiture, and creative photography of babies, children, families, maternity, and Seniors.

Martina’s photographs capture the very essence of a person’s heart and soul. Her natural ability to capture raw and candid moments

Evoke emotional responses from clients.  Let her tell your story through the timeless use of photos that become part of your family’s legacy for years to come.

Serving the areas of Jensen Beach, FL and surrounding areas on Treasure Coast.

Contact Tina Marie Photography at or 772-631-8248

9 thoughts on “Soul”

  1. That was such a beautiful story so uplifting and renewing for the soul thank you for weaving a story that anyone can relate to.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this piece. The picture perfectly depicts your beauty, inside and out. Beautifully written. I am inspired by your words!

  3. Everything that Martina writes touches my heart & soul! She’s an amazing woman! I’m blessed to have her in my life <3

  4. Iris Alfonso Giebus

    Checking in with the Divine can be oh so powerful and oftentimes it does feel like awakening after a long slumber. Martina You share this process in a tapestry of sumptuous rich images.

  5. Interesting and thought provoking. A new way for me to look at the purpose of sleep and the awakening of new beginnings. I love that!

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