Priestess Within-Sleep

Sleep – Wakefulness – Thoughts – Sleep!!

Wide AWAKE, listening to the house sounds, all sounds peaceful. Why am I awake? Poof, wide awake! Reach over to the battery-operated clock (no electronics beside bed). 3:05 am, why am I awake? Oh wait, the number three, what is the meaning?…….something about change?…… I can look it up in the morning. The number 5? I know I like that number, I think its meaning is mystical?…. look it up in the morning. Let’s sleep now……….. yes 3 + 5= 8, 8’s meaning? Brain please, can we just do this in the morning? Let’s sleep now. …………..

Yes, the East Coast calls and the West Coast calls were put in the appointment book under CST.

Breathe, relax

Yes, the passport agency call and the dentist are in the appointment book too.

Breathe, relax

Yes, the dishwasher was turned on before bed.

Breathe, relax

Yes, the coffee is prepped

Brain! Sleep! Relax, breathe, let go……………

Yes, gravity does happen

Breathe, WAIT, what? Why are you thinking about gravity at this moment!??

Let it go, thoughts in, thoughts out, not holding on, breathe, relax, breathe, relax, sleep……..


3 = Bringer of change

5 = Uncanny ability to understand the deepest esoteric and metaphysical teachings. Energy of experience.

8 = incredible strength of will and can endure anything. 8 reminds us the soul has a mind of its own and lives on no matter what. Eternal life.


2 thoughts on “Priestess Within-Sleep”

  1. Love this piece because Ive woken up many times at odd hours of the morning. The conversation is too funny because it happens. Ive never thought of the significance of the numbers until joining Court and learning about it. Is there a book you would recommend that I could refer to when this happens again?

    1. Hi Martina, my go to website for numerology reference is
      The book, The Secret Science of Numerology,by Shirley Lawrence is a great learning tool. Thanks for asking!

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