Priestess Within- Warrior

“Learning to know and be the warrior within. Honor, Truth, Integrity, Strength. I will move swiftly to defend and embody the higher virtues. Through my actions I become Divinity in motion.”

What is the Shield Maiden energy and why is that important in your life?

This is the energy where you learn and trust that feeling in your body. When your body feels uncomfortable or excited about a person or situation. The Shield Maiden energy is the ACTION you take from TRUSTING your body/instincts.

You don’t feel the need to call anyone to see if they think it is “right”, how would someone else know your body feelings, your instincts? If a ball is coming towards your head do you stop and ask someone, Do I catch it? Do I duck? Do I run? I hope not because the ball is going to hit you in the head if you wait for that to happen!

Your body, and being in touch with your body, is so important to learning to trust yourself. Making your own decisions and choices based on your conscious ability to know it is right for you will help you to live authentically in your own life.

We have chained our self in self-doubt, judging, shaming, and comparing. ​ By committing fully to yourself, to who you are, and not to what others say you should be, not what others want you to be, and not when others tell you are too much or too little. Be your authentic self as only you know who that is.

Who is the authentic you? Once you have fully committed to you, have patience. Most of us have lots of old programming, patterns, and caring about others opinions that we need to let go of. These patterns and programs have been with us for years, therefore be gentle with yourself as you explore and let go of what is not authentic to who you are.

It is in this place/space where the warrior or Shield Maiden energy comes into play! Where we stay fiercely focused and embrace all our decisions. ​We learn with this energy to not doubt our actions. If our actions do not have the results we want we don’t doubt our abilities, we learn and go! We are resilient, open to fully live our life authentically.

By being authentic, being uniquely you, living in full consciousness in your life, and choosing to speak your truth, you may discover that are you amazing!!   Priestess Within, Brenda


Shield Maiden
and self examination

Self – Examination is a crucial part of growth, and demands that the seeker be clear enough to hear and see themselves. As women our process is very important to us, it demands great courage. We must fight to bring aspects of ourselves into the light. Aspects that we may not feel we have time to deal with, or have fear of what it means. Shadow work is a discipline of the strong and courageous.  No one is whole or complete until we descend into the shadow work. This work helps us to manifest our highest potential, reclaiming energy that has been keeping us from our true authentic self. We must continue to actively seek our goals, finding the courage to ask and look at the important questions. When we are able to be honest with ourselves removing the hindrances of our growth the Universe conspires with us to move us into our Divine self, the powerful, confident being of the Divine Goddess energy that we are.

Blessings, Priestess Within



My Priestess thoughts from today come from reading about the Sisterhood of Avalon. I have changed some of the words to best express my thoughts.

Women and men have different processes for healing, and therefore have different spiritual needs. The priestly class of the Celts used an elegant system which honors and encourages the inherent strengths of the male and female psyches which is a very effective pathway of accelerated growth. Self-examination is a crucial part of growth, hearing and seeing ourselves with brutal honesty. Great courage is needed, for with knowledge comes responsibility. We must make the choice to change.

It is very popular in many modern pagan traditions to grant degrees to people who have passed a certain level of study or training. While this can be a beautiful rite of passage for someone in their lifetime, and while we do not disparage other traditions for doing so, we believe that in the end, this leads to spiritual pursuit driven by ego and fosters competition between sisters, instead of mutually supporting each other in our work. When I read this it resonated with how I felt about what seems to me to be a “new” thing, being certified to be on your own journey! I agree only your own journey and the Goddess can decide that.

The granting of a degree also puts the course of one’s path in external hands and minds, as opposed to experiencing the gifts of Sovereignty as you work your own path. When you truly become a priestess, that moment will be known only to you & the Goddess – and ultimately it matters to no one else. It is both a challenge and healthy point of self-evaluation for many women to take time to truly look at WHY they want to be called a Priestess / Queen and again, even the answer to that question comes only from within.

Back to the topic of what it truly means to be a priestess within. What is the essence of this word “priestess” within? Exploring that meaning is potentially a very rich process for each of us. We journey together in the Court of Ascendancy to self discover the Priestess within each of us. 


Divine Feminine 

May we dance in the beauty of the Divine Feminine, may we unite with all women to create a strong sisterhood. May you walk in beauty in a sacred way. May the words you speak be done on purpose. may all love surround you, and the pure light within you, guide your way home.
Walk in truth and light and as we do so we shall change the world.



Goddess, I raise my whole being, a sacred vessel to you, for I am a Chalice. Standing in my Soverenity I am a reflection of you. As I journey in this world and the Otherworld, I am perfectly aligned.
Tonight/Today as by my will, for the good of all and harm to none I am part of all that was, all that is and all that will be.
I thank thee and call upon thee as a woman speaking to a woman. As the Queen I ask for your guidance and welcome your company.
As I stand in and live from my Sovereign center, I can accomplish any task for I walk the path with courage, straight forwardness, poise and focus.
I know who I am, what I have to give and accept both the Blessings and the responsibility.
Accept these gifts in your honor- lighting of candle, my gratitude and love.
I welcome your company and guidance during my journey.
For I am The Chalice for you to fill with what you see fit, radiate through me so I may bring (whatever the journey is focused on)clarity to this issue.
As by Your will
As by my Sovereign Divine Center
For the Good of All and Harm to none
So Be It.


I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me


3 thoughts on “Priestess Within- Warrior”

  1. So powerful and SO true!! “Not just the action of learning, using excel sheets, watching videos, those are tools. You must actually DO!”

  2. I loved your article on Shadow work because that is usually the last piece anyone does. While we avoid it it is often the most helpful. Thanks for bringing the light!

  3. Comment on Priestess Within:

    I realize I am a very private person. Some would say introverted but I love the social side of life but then need to recharge with alone time. I’ve read this post multiple times. There is one question in this article that keeps running through my mind, “Who is the authentic you?” And then I add my own question, “And who do I want that to be?” I believe these two questions are the crux of this article. For me, I don’t have all the answers but I’m starting to dig deeper.

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